AA for all IPTO's existing power transmission lines

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    Thrace, Macedonia, Epirus, Western Greece, Ionian Islands, Peloponnese, Attica, Crete

Project description

Appropriate Assessments were prepared for all existing high and extra-high voltage transmission lines of IPTO, the construction of which had not received any prior environmental licensing for the areas of (a) Macedonia and Thrace, (b) Attica, the Islands, and Crete, and (c) Peloponnese and Western Greece. In addition, Appropriate Assessments were prepared for five (5) Network Substations as part of their submission to the Standard Environmental Commitments.

As part of the study, a sensitivity mapping was carried out to identify the most dangerous parts of the network to bird and bat collisions. For the mapping all available national-level information on the habitat and movement corridors of large soaring birds and on the nesting areas of important species were taken into account, in combination with a variety of other parameters. Finally, based on the sensitivity mapping, as well as the case-by-case, more specific additional data, specific mitigation measures and their implementation areas were proposed.

Special Ecological Assessments were prepared for 108 Natura 2000 areas, which are presented below: GR1110002, GR1110005, GR1110009, GR1110006, GR1130009, GR1130010, GR1130011, GR1140008, GR1140009, GR115 0001, GR1150005, GR1150010, GR1150011, GR1210002, GR1220002, GR1220003, GR1220009 , GR1220010, GR1230004, GR1240008, GR1240009, GR1250002, GR1260002, GR1260010, GR1270001, GR1270004, GR1270005, GR1270012, GR132 0003, GR1340008, GR1420001, GR1420005, GR1420007, GR1420008, GR1420009, GR1420010, GR1420013, GR1420014, GR1440003, GR1440005 , GR2110001, GR2110004, GR2110006, GR2120001, GR2120003, GR2120005, GR2120006, GR2120007, GR2120008, GR2130007, GR2130011, GR2130012 0013, GR2210001, GR2220001, GR2220003, GR2220004, GR2220005, GR2220006, GR2220007, GR2230002, GR2230003, GR2230004, GR2230007 , GR2240001, GR2240002, GR2310005, GR2310007, GR2310009, GR2310013, GR2310014, GR2310015, GR2310016, GR2330005, GR2410001, GR244 0003, GR2440007, GR2450004, GR2450009, GR2510004, GR2520001, GR2520005, GR2530003, GR2540001, GR2540007, GR3000001, GR3000006 , GR3000015, GR3000017, GR3000018, GR4310002, GR4320004, GR4320005, GR4320013, GR4320014, GR4330004, GR4330008, GR4340006, GR4340010, GR434 0020 and GR4340022.