NCC provides specialized and fully reliable consulting services on any issue related to biodiversity and nature conservation and management in general. Its services are addressed to public and private institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations, and civil associations.

Indicatively, it provides advice and solutions on issues such as those related to the protection and management of protected species and their habitats, to the monitoring and restoration of biodiversity in Protected Areas and to the identification, mapping, and management of sensitive areas.

In parallel, it also provides scientific and technical support both to the implementation of targeted interventions for the protection and conservation of important features of the natural environment and biodiversity and to the application of actions for the benefit of biodiversity in the context of corporate sustainable development.

Furthermore, it undertakes to conduct biodiversity conservation studies in the context of optimizing the developmental planning of infrastructure projects. NCC is a specialized provider of ecological research services in the investments of energy production projects, such as onshore and mainly offshore wind farms, photovoltaic parks, etc.

Finally, the company undertakes the preparation of Baseline Studies and Biodiversity Action Plans for projects that are candidates for funding from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Through these Studies and Plans, the projects ensure their compliance with the EBRD's Performance Requirement 6 (Performance Requirement - PR 6/ "Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Management of Living Natural Resources"), which is a prerequisite for their financing.