The main objective of NCC Environmental Studies Ltd is to provide effective support to its clients in the design and implementation of developmental projects and programs in order to improve their performance and competitiveness. The support is provided in accordance with the clients’ requirements and specifications, the applicable institutional and regulatory framework, and the rules and best practices of science. NCC's policy is one of full compliance with the requirements of the projects and programs that it undertakes and one of total commitment to quality and fulfilment of contractual obligations. The fundamental statements and commitments of the company's Quality Policy are as follows:

  • The provision of services that fulfill the requirements of clients as expressed in the relevant assignments.
  • The assurance that customer requirements and expectations, taking into account the obligations arising from contracts and legislative and regulatory requirements, are identified and fulfilled in accordance with the objective to be achieved and with a view to their satisfaction.
  • The employment of reliable personnel, selected on the basis of the criteria and requirements of each position and the willingness to participate in the company's vision.
  • The implementation of a program of continuous training and education of the staff by qualified trainers and through participation in relevant forums.
  • The use of modern technology, the development of relevant skills and the continuous updating of the equipment used.
  • The assurance of the optimum level of customer satisfaction and the systematic monitoring of their rate of satisfaction.
  • The systematic implementation of a quality control program at all phases of the company’s activity.
  • The effective management and implementation of the quality objectives set by the company.
  • The pursuit of continuous improvement of its performance.

To achieve the above, the company applies a Quality Management System that covers all activities that affect the quality of its services and its relationship with the customers. The Company has established and documented its Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2015.

The Quality Management System is the key tool for the development, improvement and further establishment of the company in its field of activity, and therefore the Company's Management takes utmost care to ensure all the resources and means required for its effective implementation and improvement.

The Quality Policy established by the company is understood by all the personnel and its fulfillment is a daily concern for them.