NCC is actively involved in the European Union's LIFE programs, drawing on the extensive expertise and experience of its staff in the field of biodiversity studies.

The company contributes to the implementation of these programs by undertaking their coordination and by conducting specialized management actions for Natura 2000 network sites. In this context, the company prioritizes the implementation of European Directives for the protection of wild birds and natural habitats. It is also in this context that the care and role of the company in the field of information and awareness-raising of local communities is of great importance. To date, the company's staff have been involved in the implementation and coordination of more than 15 such programs.

NCC undertakes monitoring programs of species and habitats in order to record, monitor and assess their status of conservation.

The company designs and implements specialized scientific research programs that involve intensive fieldwork and are always adapted to the needs and specificities of the monitoring objects, such as the avifauna, the invertebrates, the reptiles, the mammals, and the flora. Its aim is to support the actions of the management of our country’s protected areas through the collection and evaluation of reliable scientific data that contribute to the assessment of the conservation status and of the management needs of the monitoring objects in question.

NCC is active in the field of conducting studies and action plans for the protection and management of the natural environment.

It undertakes and implements Special Environmental Studies, Area and Species Management Plans, as well as Biodiversity Action Plans, Environmental Restoration Studies and Power Transmission Line Sensitivity Mapping. Through the preparation of these studies and the implementation of specialized programs, NCC actively participates in the planning of the sustainable management of the protected areas of our country and in the effort to preserve Greek nature and biodiversity.