NCC (Nature Conservation Consultants) Environmental Studies Ltd is an environmental planning consultancy with a particular focus on the conservation of nature and biodiversity. It was established in July 2010 by scientists with expertise and experience in nature management issues.

The company's main objective is to contribute to the provision of evidence-based, innovative and effective solutions to issues related to the protection of biodiversity. NCC undertakes to advise public and private bodies and to design and implement research, studies and programs for the conservation, management and restoration of nature and biodiversity.

The company is active in a wide range of areas related to the study and protection of the natural environment. Its activities range from the implementation of actions under programs (such as the EU's LIFE programs) for the improvement of the status of protected species within or outside the Natura 2000 network, to the development of biodiversity monitoring programs in Protected Areas, the development of management plans for Protected Areas and the carrying out of Appropriate Assessments for the environmental licensing of projects and activities.

In addition to the specialization and experience of its staff in nature management issues in general, the company has the advantage of being surrounded by partners who are specialized and have many years of professional experience in the study and management of avifauna, which is one of the most important and internationally best studied indicators of natural environment quality.

The experience of our company executives in creating efficient study groups that design and implement successful environmental conservation programs, while at the time taking advantage of their collaboration with public and private sector bodies, the academic community and environmental organizations in Greece and abroad, is a guarantee that ensures the high quality and reliability of the environmental planning services provided by NCC.