The company's philosophy is guided by a strong concern for the conservation of nature and the reliable application of scientific data and guidelines that contribute to this goal. In all its activities, NCC prioritises the need and importance of conserving biodiversity for a sustainable future.

In this context of care and respect for nature, it designs and implements integrated and innovative scientific programs for the conservation of biodiversity in which it utilizes all the possibilities provided by modern technology and relevant applied scientific research and for which it collaborates with a constantly enriching network of specialist scientists . At the same time, recognizing the need to implement large infrastructure projects and development projects in general, it undertakes studies related to project authorizations and the development of projects whose initial design may threaten the ecological balance of their wider construction sites or have potentially negative effects on network areas Natura 2000, in Special Protection Zones for birds or Special Conservation Zones for habitats and species. The company's philosophy here is also governed by the concern to reliably manage all data in order to achieve the best possible balance between the need to implement important development projects and the need to preserve biodiversity. In its relevant Environmental Studies, reliably, without concessions to the conditions and without environmental discounts, it analyzes the scientific data, assesses the potential effects, ensures the correct application of all European Directives and, if it concludes that the project or plan can be approved, proposes, accordingly and where necessary, modifications, mitigation or compensation measures.

In any case, the company's philosophy of caring for nature gives priority to the correct practical application of environmental principles and guidelines, the sensitisation of local communities, and the proper management for the conservation and protection of habitats, protected species and biodiversity in general.