Ncc was established by a group of professionals in nature conservation, to provide innovative and effective consultation for the conservation of biodiversity in Greece and the surrounding region, to facilitate the collaboration between the scientific community, public and private actors involved in nature conservation, and to provide sound expert advice to public and private stakeholders for the development and implementation of species and habitats conservation-management-restoration plans, assessments and projects.


The services provided by ncc are presented below:

  • Planning and implementation of projects, surveys and assessments for the conservation, management and restoration of species, habitats, and landscape elements.

  • Planning and implementation of conservation, management and monitoring of NATURA 2000 sites, with particular reference to the implementation EU Birds and Habitats Directives.

  • Planning of LIFE project proposals for the conservation of species and habitats in collaboration with public and private bodies, as well as providing consultancy in implementation of these projects, with special reference to project management and implementation of specialized project actions, surveys and ecological studies.

  • Consultation in the implementation of specialized interventions for the conservation of nature and biodiversity to public and private bodies in Greece and abroad.

  • Planning and operation of specialized nature-conservation and data-management tools, supporting decision making processes in conservation of nature and biodiversity.

  • Planning and implementation of Public Awareness and Environmental Education actions, focusing on conservation of species, habitats and landscapes.

  • Supporting Environmental Non Governmental Organizations and other non commercial bodies, in fundraising for conservation of nature and biodiversity, from the private sector.

  • Consultancy and expert advice for the assessment and minimization of negative impacts of large development projects to nature and biodiversity.

  • Provision of expert advice to public and private stakeholders, Non Governmental Organizations and citizen associations, regarding policy and advocacy actions for nature and biodiversity preservation.