Applied Research 

NCC collaborates with natural environment and biodiversity consultancies, of international scope, with specialty in the study of bird movements by the usage of ornithological radar. Executives of the consultancy have been specialized in the usage of such technology and data analysis, mainly through education from leading companies in the field of ornithological radar like DeTect, and the Dutch environmental consultancy company BuWa, which specializes in the conduction of studies through the utilization of such technologies. Meanwhile, NCC forms the only consultancy in Greece that deals with the identification of automated records by using the Spanish system DTBird in wind farms.

Consultancy executives participate in the European Network ENRAM, under COST, for radar surveillance of animal movement.

The consultancy undertakes avifauna monitoring projects in wind farms in operation. In this context, NCC, in collaboration with the Centre for Renewable Energy Sources (CRES) implements an European LIFE+ Biodiversity project (LIFE12 BIO/GR/000554) to mitigate the effects of active wind farms on biodiversity, focusing on birds and bats, by the usage of modern technologies, as well as the development of a prognostic spatial model of the movements of birds in order to assess the risk of bird strike to aboveground constructions.

Meanwhile, NCC implements innovative programs in the field of biodiversity’s conservation through the optimal use of its network of cooperating experts. The programs and activities involve universities, research institutes, public and private institutions and environmental non-governmental organizations in Greece and abroad, thus allowing the implementation of innovative and integrated approaches towards biodiversity’s conservation. In times where environmental challenges are major issues of concern, the utilization of academic knowledge, especially the knowledge which is directed to state of the art issues is an undeniable necessity. In this context, NCC actively supports internship programs through vacancies for students and graduates and therefore provides specialized and applied practice, thus a unique opportunity to acquire knowledge and experience in the field of environmental management and biodiversity’s conservation.



Verification of DTBird System Recordings

NCC is the only consultancy in Greece with expertise in the evaluation - identification of automated bird records of the detection and collisions prevention system DTBird, which is based on analysis of high-resolution images in real time. The Spanish company Liguen, under a program of environmental monitoring of the wind farm in Varnountas mountain (Touba - Anthovouni location), placed the automatic DTBird system, which triggers dissuasion signals and stops of specific wind turbines when birds following collision course are detected. The expert scientists of NCC controls on a daily basis the results of the recording system, in order to identify relevant data.

For more information about the DTBird system please visit the website:


Monitoring the impacts of wind farm operation on avifauna, by the utilization of Radar

For the needs of bird monitoring programs under the Special Ornithological Studies, NCC designs and implements specialized field works in combination with recordings based on the use of telemetry systems and ornithological radar. During the monitoring of impacts caused by the operation of Wind Farm in Vigla Kattavias, island of Rhodes, the consultancy utilized the use of the ornithological radar. In combination with the visual observations by experienced ornithologists of NCC and the Dutch company BuWa the ornithological radar was used in order to track bird movements in the airspace around the wind farm and to determine the number of individuals and species of birds passes through the area, their altitude, their crossing rates and altitude classes as well as the followed routes in relation to the location of wind turbines and other components of the infrastructure. At the same time, NCC monitored the movements of Eleonora’s Falcon, species of interest, by adapting radio transmitters on selected individual birds.

Development of a prognostic spatial model for bird movements in order to assess bird strike risk in aboveground infrastructures

Every year billions of birds migrate to and from their nesting sites. A significant percentage of them are forced to use thermal updrafts during their migration in order to minimize the energy cost of their flight. The forecast of daily and seasonal spatial distribution of thermal currents can contribute to environmental planning towards the minimization of the risk of bird strikes at infrastructure such as wind turbines as well as aircrafts. NCC is collaborating In a research project of development and utilization of prognostic spatial model of birds’ movements so as to assess bird strike risk in aboveground infrastructures, in order to predict the main routes of gliding birds and the migratory bottlenecks.


Project archive


PAMNATURA Project "Model Design for Participatory and Adaptive Management of Greek Natura 2000 sites"

Start: 2012 Duration: 3 years
Contract entity: General Secretariat for Research and Technology

Brief Description: For the management of the protected areas of the Natura network, the participation of the local community is required. ncc, in collaboration with experts, will develop an integrated methodological model to facilitate public and stakeholders participation in the process of planning management, in order to enhance the adaptive management. This model will be developed with primary research in Skyros island, Andros and Thessaly, as a flexible and useful tool in planning the management of protected areas.




Consultancy research services on survey and estimation of biodiversity in the frames of project: "Strategic plans for restoration, protection & eco tourism promotion in Natura 2000 sites which devastated by natural disasters" (NAT-PRO)

Start: 2012 Duration: 1,5 years
Contract entity: T.E.I. of Ionian Islands

Brief Description: It is a project concerning the survey and analysis of biodiversity on Zakynthos island. It is aiming to the evaluation of forest fires impact on biodiversity, in collaboration with the scientific team of the TEI of Ionian Islands. More specifically, ncc in collaboration with experts will undertake the evaluation of fire impacts on biodiversity and the ecological coherence of the local ecosystems, the elaboration of management plans and technical studies for the restoration of ecosystems and species protection and the production of a good practice guide on ecosystems affected by fires.