Studies on avifauna

NCC executives hold an extensive experience in the study of avifauna in Greece. The consultancy undertakes studies for the recording and monitoring of birds by utilizing conventional and modern methods, such as telemetry, usage of ornithological radar, ringing.

In recent years the company is collaborating with experts on bat monitoring.

The studies conducted by NCC concern:

Avifauna monitoring


Shearwater (Puffinus yelkouan) population study in Gyaros islet region, 2015

NCC and Hellenic Ornithological Society collaborated with WWF Hellas and the Municipality of Andros under the LIFE projects Cyclades LIFE and LIFE ANDROSSPA for the implementation of the program.

The goal of the program is to investigate and document the size, importance and conservation status of the shearwater colony of Gyaros islet, while specific targets for 2015 included (1) estimation of the shearwater colony population (2) identification and mapping of the sub-regions of the shearwater colony, (3) identification of accessible nests for future research and (4) training of WWF Hellas staff on basic methods of recording shearwater at sea from land.

In the context of the fieldwork undertaken, state of the art monitoring techniques were used, that included use of thermal camera at colony monitoring, monitoring of shearwater at sea with the use of marine radar and aerial photography of the sub-regions of the shearwater colony with the use of an UAV drone to produce detailed digital terrain model.



Lesser Kestrel Census

In the framework of the project LIFE+ Nature "Conservation and Management of the Lesser Kestrel (Falco naumanni*) in three Greek SPA sites" (LIFE11 NAT/GR/001011) NCC implements Lesser Kestrel censuses in the plain of Thessaly in collaboration with other project partners, develops databases for the management and processing of data, while records the availability of nesting sites.

More about the project here.


Eleonora’s Falcon breeding success monitoring

In the framework of LIFE+ Nature project "Management of the SPA site of Andros Island to achieve a Favourable Conservation Status for its priority species" (LIFE10 NAT/GR/000637), NCC monitors the breeding success of Eleonora’s falcon and undertakes the annual census of its main colony within the SPA as well as on other islets where conservation actions are implemented.

More about the project here.


Monitoring of breeding waterbird/waterfowl and passerine species of the lake Stymfalia


In the framework of the project LIFE+ Nature "Sustainable management and financing of wetland biodiversity: the case of Lake Stymfalia" (LIFE12 NAT/GR/000275), that is implemented by Pireaus Bank, OIKOM Ltd., the Society for the Protection of Prespa (SPP) and the Centre of Renewable Energy Sources and Saving, NCC is collaborating with OIKOM Ltd. for the study of breeding waterfowl and wading species of Lake Stymphalia and for conducting ringing for the recording of reed passerines near the lake.


For further information please visit the projects' website:



Recording of the seabirds and Eleonoras’ Falcon at the island of Gyaros

Start: 2014 Duration: 2 months
Contract entity: OIKOM Ltd.

NCC carries out recordings and evaluation of the presence of seabird species on the island of Gyaros, as well as Eleonoras’ Falcon census at the island of Gyaros.


Post construction bird and bat studies for wind farms


Post construction ornithological study for Panachaiko II wind farm, Greece

Start: 2015, Duration: 1 year
Contract entity: Eoliki Panachaikou, Acciona Group

An avifauna survey and monitoring program was conducted during the operation of the wind farm. Monitoring was conducted during spring and autumn bird migration, while the company’s ornithological radar was utilized for recording of the bird flight activity and the space utilization by birds.


Post construction bat activity monitoring at wind farm Alpe del tiglio, Isone, Switzerland

Start: 2015, Duration: 1 χρόνος
Contract entity: DPT Renew Sagl.

Bat activity survey for 12 months with the use of bat recording system installed at the wind farm, conduction of recordings with portable bat logger and data processing.


Post Construction Monitoring Program for the Wind Farm Varnounta on Tuba - Anthovouni

Start: 2012 Duration: 3 year
Contract entity: Macedonian Wind S.A.

It is about a systematic avifauna - bats survey and monitoring program during the operation of the wind farm. This is the first wind farm in Greece where the electronic monitoring system of birds’ movements of DT-bird will be established. It is a special detection system with automatic activation of audible intimidating system for birds that follow bird routes, and/or inactivation of specific wind turbines in case of relative risk detected. The surveys of the monitoring program will be compared with the records of the electronic system to ascertain its effectiveness.


NCC through the use of the data analysis platform of the DT-Bird system undertakes also the analysis of flights of detected by the system birds.