Appropriate Assessments

NCC has experience in carrying out studies for major infrastructure projects subject to environmental permitting process. Having conducted studies on important projects in Greece NCC can support any licensing requirements and peculiarities of demanding projects and activities at all stages of the permitting process. The consultancy's expertise in the management of the natural environment and biodiversity conservation, combined with excellent knowledge of the legal framework and management needs towards the environmental permitting process for significant projects and activities in Natura 2000 sites, gives NCC the advantage to prepare technically sound Appropriate Assessments, satisfying the requirements of the European Directives as well as of the current national regulatory framework for environmental permitting process.

During the preparation of such studies the importance of potential impacts is determined in relation to the specific characteristics and environmental conditions present in the protected Natura 2000 areas. Based on such an approach NCC plans and implements an integrated system for research, recordings and assessment of field data in regard to the needs of each project and the special characteristics of the site to be studied. For this purpose the consultancy is utilizing the network of collaborating experts, who undertake field surveys and assess all relevant records, whilst being fully aware of Health and Safety issues during the conduction of field work.


Indicative the Appropriate Assessments prepared by NCC in recent years are:

Appropriate assessment of environmental impacts along the East section of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline

Start: 2012 Duration: 9 months
Contract entity: ASPROFOS S.A.

Brief Description: Appropriate assessment of environmental impacts along the east section of the TAP (Komotini – Thessaloniki), that includes (a) detailed ecological description of the Natura 2000 sites expected to be traversed by the TAP, (b) assessment of the potential effects of the project in terms of the maintenance of the ecological integrity of the site and (c) discussion of alternative scenarios and proposals of mitigation measures to ascertain that the project will not adversely affect the integrity of the site.


  • Appropriate assessment for the tourist village “Xenia Skiathos”, island of Skiathos

  • Appropriate assessment for tourism development of public property “Agios Ioannis Sithonias”, Chalkidiki

  • Appropriate assessment for photovoltaic power station in Special Protection Area GR4210024, island of Tilos

  • Appropriate assessment for wind power station in Special Protection Area GR4210024, island of Tilos

  • Appropriate assessment for the installation and operation of a power station with a total capacity of 120 MW, in Piso Campos and Plaka Steni of the Municipality of South Rhodes.

  • Appropriate Assessment for the expansion project of the existing hotel unit “CARAVIA BEACH”, in Marmari of island Kos.

  • Appropriate Assessment for the modification of specific characteristics of an existing operating mine - bauxite ore VLACHOTHANASIS B1 - B2 - B3 in mountain of Giona, prefecture of Fokida.

  • Ornithological study for the Special Protected Area (SPA, Natura 2000), at Vigla Kattavias in Rhodes island, prefecture of Dodekanisa


Specific advice on flight safety by bird collision on aircrafts, associated with the national regulations and guidelines

  • Special Ornithologist Report under EIA for stud, Attica

  • Special Ornithologist Report under EIA for poultry, island of Chios


Sensitivity mapping study in relation to the construction and operation of major infrastructure projects


In times of intensive environmental pressures the recording of mortality incidents of rare and endangered bird species due to the construction and operation of major infrastructure projects in areas of vital importance for the movement and maintenance of the species populations, is a key requirement according to environmental legislation. In the framework of the LIFE+ Nature project "Management of the SPA site of Andros Island to achieve a Favourable Conservation Status for its priority species" (LIFE10 NAT/GR/000637), NCC has undertook a sensitivity mapping study, which aims to record hazardous infrastructure for avifauna. The study identified sensitive areas for the trigger species of the island’s SPA which were further assessed in relation to the risks of existing infrastructures.

For the purposes of the study detailed maps were developed in relation to the risk of constructing infrastructure projects. Throughout the island the pillars of power transmission as well as the high voltage cables and the mobile phone masts were mapped and the most dangerous parts of the infrastructure were identified.

More about the project here.


Given below is a list of the most important categories of projects, where we have been involved:

Special Environmental Studies, including studies for the assessment, delineation and designation of protected areas. Among others, we have carried out 3 specific environmental studies for mountainous areas of Crete in collaboration with the NHMC, and a similar study for Mainalon Mountain in collaboration with the Forest Research Institute of Athens.

Expert consultation. These studies refer to special topics, including environmental protection of vulnerable habitats, such as caves (Kastoria Cave, in collaboration with Kastoria Municipality), definition of prescriptions for SPA ornithological assessment studies (in collaboration with Greek Biotope/Wetland Centre), a proposal of prescriptions for Special Ornithological Studies in the framework of the “Appropriate Assessment of Article 6 of the Habitats Directive), in association with identification and mapping of sites ornithologically vulnerable to windfarm installation and operation in Greece (in cooperation with the HOS), a study on the biodiversity friendly forest management (in collaboration with Forest Research Institute of Athens), and a project for the assessment of Yellow-legged Gull movements in Attica in relation to bird strike risks (implemented in collaboration with HOS, for the Athens International Airport).