About NCC

NCC Ltd is an ecological consultancy focusing on the conservation of nature and biodiversity. It was founded in July 2010 by a group of  experienced scientists specialized in nature conservation, in particular wild birds and their habitats, as they are considered to be among the most important and well studied indicators of the state of natural ecosystems worldwide. 

The consultancy is active in a variety of fields related to the study and protection of natural environment, extending from the implementation of conservation actions for the improvement of protected species state within or outside Natura 2000 network sites in the framework of projects such as the European LIFE projects and the implementation of biodiversity monitoring projects in protected areas, to the development of Appropriate Assessments for the environmental licensing of small and major infrastructure,such as the Trans Adriatic Gas Pipeline (TAP), and the preparation of management plans for protected areas.

NCC executives have coordinated major projects for the protection and enhancement of biodiversity in Greece, including the "Reassessment of 69 important areas for their designation as Special Protection Areas of the Natura 2000 network», the "Determination of compatible activities in relation to the trigger bird species of Special Protection Areas", as well as the monitoring and assessment of the conservation status of invertebrate species of EU interest in Greece

NCC currently employs 15 permanent scientists and is collaborating with more than 50 specialized researchers from Greece and abroad.

Our credibility and ability to create integrated partnerships for the development and implementation of well focused nature conservation projects, involving organizations and institutes from the public and private sector, the academic community as well as the environmental organizations from Greece and abroad, ensure effective nature conservation planning and implementation.



Conservation of biodiversity is among the top priorities of the European Union and Greece. To achieve this, appropriate planning and implementation is required, involving public and private organizations, academic community and specialized scientists working in the field of applied nature conservation.

NCC is aiming to play the role of catalyst among the various stakeholders involved in nature conservation, for the promotion of constructive collaborations for the design and implementation of successful projects for the conservation of our natural heritage.

Our philosophy is to contribute to nature conservation through planning and implementing innovative projects, involving integrated partnerships, making optimal utilization of technical and human resources, taking advantage of the collaborating network of experts, and applying state of the art methods and technology for species and habitats conservation.

The company applies a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015 (Certificate Registration No: 20001230009233).